My results came in, and I have to cut back on greasy foods


I recently went to the doctor for my annual checkup and came back with some disturbing and depressing news. My test results came in, and now I have to cut back on greasy foods. For some people, this might not be a problem, but for me, it means a complete dietary change. That is not only depressing, it is also a little overwhelming. Do you know how hard it is to completely rework your daily eating habits?

Since I really do care about my health and want to be here for my kids for a long time, I started talking to friends, family and a nutritionist. What I found out has given me some hope that I can still enjoy mealtimes and eat healthily. Who knows maybe I’ll be able to get the rest of my family to make these same healthy changes. Here are some of the ways I am cutting back on fried and greasy foods without feeling deprived.


Rethink side and main dishes: Meat not only doesn’t have to be greasy, but it also doesn’t have to be the main dish. I’ve started eating smaller portions and thinking of it as a side. I also eat a lot of baked chicken and fish, which is noticeably less greasy than when it is prepared with other methods. Wheat pasta, rice, steamed vegetables or even beans all make great main dishes, and since they are non-greasy, my doctor should be happy with my next test results.


Substitute some ingredients: Everyone knows that I love to cook and this means that I use a lot of butter and oil. Since I have to cut back on grease and fat, I am learning that some ingredients can be substituted for others. Surprisingly this hasn’t changed the flavor or consistency of my recipes, which means the rest of my family is also enjoying a healthier diet. Cooking spray works just as well as butter and oil without the fat, grease and calories. I also discovered that I could substitute applesauce for butter when I’m baking cakes and muffins. According to my physician, every little bit helps.


Eat a lot of veggies: There are several benefits to vegetables that I had forgotten about, along with the fact that I like most types. Filling up on veggies instead of greasy snack foods is a great way to lose weight, eat healthier and get better test scores at your next health checkup. If you don’t want to eat raw vegetables all of the time you can also enjoy them steamed or baked.



Hopefully, these changes in my diet will improve my health, and they are not as frightening as I thought they would be. I guess all it takes it a little time to get used to eating differently, and I must say that I’m glad I took my doctor’s advice. I not only feel like I have more energy, but I’ve also lost a couple of pounds as well.