How I Finally Managed to Get a Good Sandwich Maker



Kids can be pretty fussy when it comes to eating breakfast, and I have fought plenty of battles to know what I am talking about. When there is one thing they want, for the world I won’t let them have it, mainly because all the items they would pick are sweets. So, I decided to create a more kid friendly breakfast, so I no longer have to deal with their tantrums. This is how I got to the idea that I should get myself a sandwich maker. I wasn’t sure where to search for more information.



A sandwich maker, in itself, is a pretty straightforward kitchen appliance. You take all the ingredients needed for a sandwich, assemble them together on the bottom plate of the sandwich maker, you press the top plate over everything and you keep everything there for a few minutes. The sandwiches obtained this way are quite delicious, because they make all the ingredients combine together. Especially the taste of melted cheese is a big hit with my kids, which is why I needed a sandwich maker to deal with everything for me.

And that was how my quest for the perfect sandwich maker began. First of all, I needed one with two stations, or one that could accommodate two sandwiches at a time, because my kids are not exactly the patient kind and I need to be fast about making breakfast, if I want them to eat in the morning and not leave for school on an empty stomach.

Also, I wanted more than just a sandwich maker that makes regular sandwiches and nothing more.  I like my kids to eat a complete, balanced meal first thing in the morning, so they can go through the day without the temptation of spending money on unhealthy snacks. It is also something I do for myself and my spouse, since it is my true belief that anyone who wants to maintain healthy should eat breakfast every day. I searched for different sandwich makers, went over multiple comparisons and sandwich maker reviews to see what I could buy, and I found a model that allows you to cook an egg on top of your sandwich, which is a great option for enriching a breakfast meal.

I like how this sandwich maker works. I like it a lot. I only need to use the cooking area offered by each station, to assemble the sandwiches, and, because there is basically a cylinder in which you practically assemble the entire sandwich, I can break an egg on top of everything, without worrying about spills and splashes. Even if some mishaps do occur, all I need to do is to wipe clean the cooking areas that are completely non-stick. This also serves for never adding oil or butter to my sandwich recipes, so, all in all, the sandwiches I make with this machine are healthy and tasty, and, what’s also important, my kids love them.


This is the first special recipe I will try!