Welcome to my blog

Hello, everyone! My name is Rosalia de Castro, mother of 3, and a passionate home cook. I have not been to cooking school, if that is what you are wondering right now, but I know plenty about cooking, things I have learned from my mother and grandmother, and of course, from cooking shows and the like, since I moved away from home, to start my own family. Not only my family, but my friends and acquaintances have often praised me for my cooking, but since it was something so common for me to cook at home, I did not think of it as being something extraordinary. However, at one point, one of my best friends asked me why I wasn’t trying to share my knowledge with others and I didn’t know what she meant by that. She showed me a few cooking blogs written by other passionate home cooks, like me, and I was instantly sold on the idea.

The reason why I am writing this blog in English, is because I want to spread the knowledge I have as far as possible, since English is currently a language spoken all over the world, and I think this is the best way of making my cooking recipes and tips known to everyone interested. I know that I have a head full with ideas and recipes and, since there are so many people in love with my cooking, it must be something I am doing right.

Cooking at home is easier than you think. It is really not as big a deal as some people might think. Of course, you do not have to expect starting today and waking up tomorrow as good as Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver. I find some much pleasure in cooking, because I love my family and I love seeing them happy. And what I can tell you is this, that they are really happy when they eat home cooked meals. I care about their health and being in charge of what they are eating is good for my peace of mind, because I know they will not eat anything too salty or too sugary, or junk food.

All that you will find in the pages of my blogs will be authentic recipes that I cook every day for my family. So they will not be just lists of expensive exotic ingredients that you do not have where to buy them from. Also, I will present you with many good healthy cooking practices, so you will rest assured that your cooking will add value to your food. I am a pretty enthusiastic person, especially when I am in the kitchen, so I hope that you will become enthusiastic about cooking, just like me! Just join me by reading this little blog, and it is guaranteed that we will have a lot of fun together!