Making Cake Pops and Other Goodies Children Like

6Are your kids nagging about how at Starbucks they now have cake pops and they are absolutely a riot? I would never allow my kids to eat the kind of cake pops they serve on the streets, because I have no idea how much sugar they put in them and what other ingredients that have nothing to do with food they add to the mix. I am a great home cook and that is why there is no challenge I cannot take. I know how much my kids love cake pops, which are nothing else but small cakes serves as lollipops, so I became quite the expert.


7There are a few ways of making cake pops and other mini treats for kids. One way is to do everything by hand. In the case of cake pops, you basically use a cake mix, you bake it and then you turn it into crumbs. I know; it sounds like some work, but, in the end, it is all worth it. Now that you have the cake turned into crumbs, you pick whatever frosting you like and you add some to the crumbs, so you can again, turn everything into some kind of dough. The dough you obtain this way must be modeled in round shapes for the next step. Using a cookie scooper helps a great deal. Place all the balls of dough on some baking paper on a flat pan and put them in the fridge for several minutes. That will help them become firm and fit of being turned into cake pops. After that, get some lollipop sticks and put each ball on each stick, until you are finished with them. Melt some chocolate or make the frosting you desire and dip each ball into the mix. Make sure they are well covered and they do not drip when you place them on a stick holder, which is preferably to have.


8The second and easier way of making cake pops is by using a cake pop machine. This machine is quite handy, because it takes a lot from the effort and time you will have to put into creating the cake pops. Basically, this type of machine has holes in which you pour the cake dough and you cook it, therefore obtaining all the cake balls needed for transforming into cake pops. From there, you just need to dip them in the frosting like described before and you will be done with them in no time. One great thing about these cake pop machines is that they can often make other small treats for children, such as donut holes and mini cupcakes. With one such machine, you don’t have to worry about running out of ideas for desserts. You can choose any of these methods and I hope you will be able to make plenty of cake pops for your kids, just like I do.